Services Details

Our offering fits very well where you are considering outsourcing some or all of your sales efforts. You may not have the time to effectively recruit or manage sales people, or you have struggled to find a suitable or efficient sales resource – or perhaps you may not have the physical space to house a sales person or people.

Our clients may typically outsource anywhere between four & fifteen days of sales calling per month and that provides our customers with a steady flow of opportunities whilst matching both their budgets and back office capacity over a period of time.

Our callers can make anywhere between 80 and 120 calls per day that can provide a quick and efficient injection of energy into your sales prospecting. All of our calls are recorded and these are available to you as proof of any transactions.

  • There are a number of valid reasons as to why a company would have an outsourced sales team away from their main base:
  • Lack of available sales staff
  • The cost of sales staff in the immediate vicinity
  • Limited existing sales know-how
  • Limited time to devote to management
  • Restrictions on office space

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